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Linear Polarization Maximizer/Generator

CUBE-PM100 is a motorized linear polarization generator that converts input broadband light to highly linearly polarized light (PER > 50dB) and couples the light into a PM fiber in free space. A motor can finely adjust the angle between the linear polarization and the PM fiber axis to achieve an over 46 dB maximum PER. 

CUBE-PM100 is designed to replace the inline polarizers and the time-consuming fusion splicing between the inline polarizer and the DUT in conventional PER measurement systems. Instead, the user connects the input and output PM fibers of DUT to CUBE-PM100 output and CUBE-ER100 input through two FC bare-fiber adapters, respectively. Then the CUBE-PM100 will automatically read PER test results from CUBE-ER100 through the UART port and retrieves the maximum PER by optimizing the alignment angle in CUBE-PM100. With the duo, no more worries about the PER measurement uncertainties of PM fibers or devices.

CUBE-PM100  can also be used as a liner polarization generator when the Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis method is used to measure the PMD and PDL of optical devices. 

  • High PER >45dB

  • Motorized Polarizer

  • Angle Adjustment in 0~360 degrees  

  • Couples Light from Free-space to Bare Fiber 

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