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Automated PER Measurement Duo

This is the CUBE-ER100 and CUBE-PM100 Duo for automated  high dynamic PER measurement (>46dB) 

CUBE-PM100 converts the polarization of the input broadband light to linear polarization through a higher PER (>50dB) polarizer. It then couples the linearly polarized light into the PM fiber under test. After pressing the AUTO button, the polarizer built into the CUBE-PM100 will rotate until the PER at the PM fiber output reaches its maximum. The entire measurement can be completed within 10 seconds.

  • Replaces In-line Polarizer and Fusion Splicer

  • Automatically Measure PER of PM Components

  • High PER Dynamic Range (>46dB)

  • 10s Measurement Time

  • 1260nm~1600nm 

  • Couples Light from Free-space to  Bare Fiber 

Demo Video

This video demonstrates an easy, fast, and accurate way to measure the polarization extinction ratio (PER) of a bare polarization maintaining (PM) fiber.

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