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Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter

   The CUBE-ER100 is a rotating polarizer-based polarization extinction ratio (PER) meter for fiber & free-space optical applications.  

   Because of its compact size & fast measurement speed up to 50 points per second, it can easily be integrated into PM fiber auto-alignment systems. 

  • High PER (>52dB)

  • Works for DFB and ITLA laser

  • One unit covers 600nm~1600nm

  • Accessories for Fiber Array, MPO and Collimators

  • PER Meas. of  Free-space Light Source

  • Works for  High Power Laser


      It has one full-speed USB 2.0 port for remote control, one UART port for interconnection between different CUBEs, two analog outputs for the closed-loop control of PM fiber auto-alignment system, and two general-purpose TTL input/output for measurement and control synchronization. CUBE-ER100 can work with polarization maximizer cube CUBE-PM100 to perform fast and accurate PER and angle measurements of PM fiber spools, coils, and components without splicing the inline polarizer and PM connectors.   

      CUBE-ER100 module has an FC adapter as the default input; other input accessories are available for SC and LC connectors, PM collimators, fiber arrays, PIC chips, free-space parallel beam, and free-space point sources. CUBE-ER100 modules can also be stacked to simultaneously measure multiple outputs of PM coupler, PM splitter, Lithium Niobate IOCs, etc.  

High Power
Fiber Array
Auto Alignmet
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