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Our Purpose

Inline Photonics Inc. develops and manufactures high-performance, low-cost, and compact optical measurement instruments for fiber optics applications, especially for optical manufacture lines. 


Our goal is to simplify a complex test system to several individual basic modules. These test modules can be easily integrated into a complex test system through an interconnection cable and computer control software.


Saving time and cost for customers is also part of our mission. Therefore, we support customized firmware and software, and we provide services to customize corresponding optical, electrical, mechanical, and software designs.

The Founder


 Inline Photonics Inc was founded in 2020 by Dr. James Chen, a world expert on polarization control and measurement instruments. Prior to founding Inline Photonics, he worked for General Photonics (now part of Luna Innovations) for 15 years, through the ranks of senior optical engineer, optical engineer, chief engineer, and VP of engineering, responsible for the design and development of the company's polarization control and measurement instruments. 

Dr. Chen holds over 15 patents and 40 publications covering polarization measurement and control, optical frequency domain reflectometry, distributed sensor, and nonlinear optical crystals. He recently co-authored a book entitled " Polarization Measurement and Control in Optical Fiber Communication and Sensor Systems"

James  Chen

Founder and CEO

 "Polarization Measurement and Control in Optical Fiber Communication and Sensor Systems"    ISBN: 978-1-119-75847-1 November 2022 Wiley-IEEE Press

polarization measurement and control in optical fiber communication and sensor systme.png

PolaTrace written in Python

Simulating Polarization


In order to virtually understand the polarization phenomenon of optical devices, I am developing a Polarization Simulation Software in Python. It simulates and displays the polarization SOP variation trace on the Poincare Sphere after light passes through different optical devices. 

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